Master of Business Administration - MBA

UMASS Amherst Logo 1994 to 1997

  • My focus was towards Finance and Accounting and my GPA was 3.507.

"Best" Courses

  • Business Data Analysis. (Statistics)
  • Apart from being my first course, it was taught by Professor Robert Nakosteen, who later was my Ph.D. Advisor and is a good friend.

  • Marketing Management
  • Taught by Professor Eric Berkowitz, using Harvard Business School cases, this class is memorable for a number of reasons, but in particular for the lesson of the Glue Applicator case, which challenges students to propose a price at which the company should sell its Glue Applicator. The "answer" was that they should give it away! If the logic of this escapes you, think ink-jet printers and ink cartridges! The logic escaped me as I was writing up the case, but the lessons have stayed with me!

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Taught by Professor Marta Calas, who has to be one of the smartest thinkers on the planet, this course challenged every single belief I had about organizations and led me to change a lot of those beliefs.

  • Seminar - Small Business
  • Mentored by Professor Bob Hopley, this course formed teams of graduate students and undergraduates and paired them with semester long projects for local businesses. My Team's project for Easthampton Savings Bank looked at their marketing strategy. This was practical, fun, teamwork and I believe the results were very useful to the Bank.

Computer Science Courses

  • Software Engineering
  • I took this course in Object Orientated Analysis and Design Methods to formalize my knowledge of the subject and with an eye on taking an MS in Computer Science. The semester project was to analyse an antilock braking system.

  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Object Oriented Database Design and Implementation. The course project was to represent geographical data in an Object Oriented Database.

  • Computer Networking and Distributed Processing
  • This course involved building TCP/IP sockets in "C" and moving packets between separate processes.

Math and Language Courses

  • Calculus I and II and Linear Algebra
  • My undergraduate major was in languages and history. When contemplating a Ph.D. in Management Science it became apparent that I needed to back-fill some Math and Linear Algebra.

  • Elementary German I and II
  • For fun... What can I say?