Donahue Institute

From Jan. 2001 to Aug. 2002 I was a research assistant at the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute

I worked on three main projects:

Benchmarks Summer 2002

"Massachusetts Benchmarks”.

A quarterly journal providing commentary and analysis of the Massachusetts’ economy. 

I worked on 7 issues from the Winter 2000/01 to the Summer 2002.

I was responsible for fact checking, collection and collation of data, preparation for the graphic designer, and proofing.

A Tale of Two Decades

"A Tale of Two Decades".

"A Tale of Two Decades Changes in Work and Family in Massachusetts, 1979-1999”, Randy Albelda and Marlene Kim of the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

I did the graphic design of charts and tables for the final document.

Massachusetts Toward a New Prosperity

"Massachusetts – Toward a New Prosperity”.

A collaboration between the Massachusetts Department of Economic Planning and the Donahue Institute. 

I set up and populated a database of economic data, from a number of sources, at the level of a Massachusetts town.

This allowed aggregation of information at any number of district, regional and geographical levels and facilitated the creation of charts and tables for the report in a consistent format.