The Framingham MBA Program Director

Spring 2007 to Spring 2010

Proposal to BHE

In the Spring of 2006 I was asked by Janet Castleman, then Dean of Continuing Education, to join a Steering Committee whose remit was to make a formal proposal to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for an MBA program at Framingham State College.

Janet, Mary Rogers, Sandra Rahman, Karen Perman, Ron Sundberg, Tom Anderson, Fahlino Sjuib and I spent the summer drafting the proposal and responding to the external review of the proposal by: Frederick J. Kelly Ph.D., and Richard G. Brandenburg Ph.D.


The Proposal was submitted on August 18th 2006 and approved in the Fall.

Framingham State College President Tim Flanagan wrote of the approval:

“I was told by Chancellor Plummer that her staff regarded the proposal as among the strongest that they have ever seen. Its unanimous approval by the Academic Affairs Committee and the BHE as a whole is testimony to the quality of your work.”


The first students in the program started in September 2007 and the first graduates finished their programs in August 2009.


My responsibilities as the MBA Program Director came under three main headings:

  1. Advising
    • Advising the matriculated MBA students: in person and by writing detailed letters advising progress and encouraging students to enroll in courses that maintain their progress within the constraints of the pre-requisites.
    • Potential applicants – Wednesday evenings; special MBA and general DGCE information sessions; MBA on-line information sessions using GotoMeeting and e-mail. Other times as necessary.
    • Assist DEBA Chair in advising Master of Arts with a concentration in Business Administration (MABA) students. The objective was to expedite the closure of this program and to ensure course offerings were geared to the needs. This involved reviewing and summarizing the progess of students and writing to them with suggestions as to the courses they could take in the following semester.
    • Write a comprehensive advising guide.
    • Develop an MBA web-site or Blackboard organization for Matriculated Students.
  2. Outreach, PR and Marketing
    • Develop, refine and maintain the MBA Web Site.
    • Develop, refine and maintain advertising on Facebook and MySpace.
    • Continue to ensure that the MBA Web Site meta tags give best possible placement in free searches lists. Assist in refinement of use of Google “Click Words”.
    • Develop, advertise and present GMAT workshops.
    • Work with GMAC data on outreach, together with Director of Outreach Saez.
    • Work with Dean Castleman, Director of Outreach Saez, Mari Megias and Marketing Specialists on PR and other promotional activities.
    • Active recruitment of potential applicants through participation in job fairs and lunch time "booths" at local large companies.
  3. Program Maintenance
    • Chair MBA Steering Committee. Draft Agendas and Minutes. Bring proposals to MBA Steering Committee based on experience in advising etc…
    • Liaison with the MBA Advisory Council, together with Dean Sundberg, and subsequently co-chairing MBA Advisory Council meetings with Ray Stevens.
    • Administration for the Annual Assessment Conference.
    • Assist Dean Sundberg and DEBA Chair in course scheduling for MBA Foundation, Core and Elective Courses. Assist in scheduling MABA courses.
    • Shepherding of applications toward completion – with Pat Ferrari, Janet Fannon and Danielle Donovan.
    • Shepherding complete applications through evaluation to a decision – with DEBA faculty.

I ceded responsibility for the Framingham MBA in the Spring of 2010 to Michael Harrison who subsequently passed the torch to Mary Rogers. The program continues to grow and to strengthen.

The Framingham MBA Original Artwork

The image above comes from the brochure for the MBA developed in 2007 by Janet Castleman and Margarita Saez.

The image is a great image - two young people looking out into a future of blue skies.

The tag-line - "The MBA You've Been Waiting For" is catchy, but gramatically incorrect. Alternatives such as "The MBA For Which You Have Been Waiting" were too clumsy.