OurSQS is in development.

It will allow teachers to define questions and incorporate them in assignments. Students will be able to take the assignments, answering questions, receiving feedback and grades.

The Simple Multiple Choice Question

I have implemented a Simple Multiple Choice question. Reveal the life-cycle:

  • Uploading of Images into Image Galleries. The images can then be inserted into questions, answer options and feedback.
  • Importation of questions in html, rtf or plain text.
  • Definition of questions, answer options and feedback using data entry elements.
  • Saving state as a draft question.
  • Previewing questions.
  • Saving a question.
  • Answering the question with randomization of answer options.
  • Feedback to the student.

Build and test an OurSQS Simple Multiple Choice Question of your own!

Some Features of the System

The application stores the menus structure in MySQL and uses DOM insertions to build each page from data about the page passed into the page in JavaScript.

I have encountered and addressed a number of "Cross-Browser" issues.

For example while some browsers provide HTML5's File API which allows upload of user files directly to the browser, others do not. When the File API is available OurSQS adapts to use it. When not, the file is uploaded to the web-server, parsed for its content, which is then delivered to an iframe, extracted from the iframe and inserted into the question.