Web-sites... At a glance.

I have put every web-site that I have built since 1998 back on-line.

1998 - Static Pages

I built my first web-site in 1998, with static pages, HTML tables for layout, styles embedded in elements, and four lines of JavaScript for a Statistics Course that I taught in 1998/1999. I ran out of space on my web-service and transferred the site to UMASS servers and I did not keep a copy of the final site.

2004/2005 - Frames and Fridsen Menus

For my next generation of web-sites, I introduced a simple JavaScript menu, using DHTML Menu Creator v1.0 by Fredrik Fridsten.

2006/2007 - CSS and Embedded Media

I became a little more sophisticated: creating video lectures with Camtasia and using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the appearance, but not the layout.

In 2007 I built a web-site using similar techniques, but using CSS to allow the site to be resizable to accomodate different screen sizes and incorporating Google maps.


In 2008, I abandoned frames and started using CSS to control both the appearance and the layout of the pages. I used Dreamweaver Templates and Spry Menus.


I incorporated material from a blog using AJAX, advertising, and location in my site for Dan Moses.