Course Web Sites.

I have built a web-site for every course that I have taught as a means of providing information and handouts to students.

Teaching as a Doctoral Candidate

I built my first web-site in 1998 for my Statistics Course. It was rudimentary, with static pages linking to one another, requiring visitors to use the back buttons on their browsers to navigate.

The sites for my Management Science Course, MBA Minitab and SAS Seminars, and Corporation Finance Course were similarly simple. I worked with UMASS's Online Web Learning (OWL) system to build on-line homework and quizzes for the Corporation Finance Class.

Teaching as a Professor

I introduced a simple JavaScript menu, using DHTML Menu Creator v1.0 by Fredrik Fridsten, and simple frames for my next generation of web-sites at Framingham State College and UMASS.

Using web-pages in Blackboard

Using frames for the layout allowed the content "frames" to be incorporated in the course Blackboard site allowing me to change the course content in DreamWeaver for both the course web-site and Blackboard content at the same time.