FOMGT 353 ~ Introductory Management Science ~ Spring 2002
Syllabus (as at Feb 15th 2002)

Lecture Notes
Homework Solutions
1. Introduction
2. The Process
Homework 1
Homework 1
3. Linear Programming Introduction
4. Linear Programming Graphical Method
Homework 2
Homework 2
Simplex Method
5. Simplex Method Setting Up The Tableau
6. Simplex Algorithm - Maximization
Homework 3
Homework 3
7. Simplex Algorithm - Minimization
Homework 4
Homework 4
Profit Maximization Handout
8. Solving Linear Programs with Excel
 Homework 5
 Homework 5
Risk Minimization Handout
Advertizing Mix Handout
9. LP Applications
The Diet Problem and Inventory Holding Over Time
10. LP Applications 2
Transport Problem
11. LP Applications 3
12. Integer Programming Introduction
Capital Budgeting
13. More IP
Pancakes Empire
14. Integer Programming
15. The Pancakes Open Close Example
Pancakes - The Lindo Formulation
16. Network Models
Network Models
17. The Transportation Algorithm
Network Models 1st Example Problem
18. Pivoting the Transportation Algorithm (You will need to execute this self extracting zip file to get to a powerpoint show which will work!!)
19.  The Assignment Problem and the Hungarian Method
21. Project Management CPM
22. Project Management PERT
Homework 10
23. Queuing Theory Basics
24. Queuing Theory Math
Homework 11

Office Hours
UMass Mondays* 2 to 4 in the Newman Center
UMass Fridays* 10 to 12 in the Newman Center
* If UMass is following a Monday Schedule or a Friday Schedule on some other day of the week, so will I!
If UMass is following a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday schedule on a Monday or a Friday, then there will be no office hours that day!

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Exam 1 Content
Exam 1 Practice
Exam 1 Practice Answer Key