Statistics Using SAS for Prof. Nakosteen's MBA class.

SAS Documentation Pages SAS_Documentation.html
The Handout On SAS MBASAS.pdf

Files Used in the Handout

Files Used in the Handout For Downloading
Comma Separated Variable File SF10037.csv
Excel Data File ExcelToSAS.xls
Access DataBase Example File MA2000SF1Table37.mdb
Tab Separated Variable File TabToSAS.txt
Homework Handout MBASASHomework.pdf
Homework Data File
Homework Solutions MBASASHomeworkResults.pdf
Homework Correlation SAS File
Homework Regression SAS File
Homework CSV File Read SAS File
SAS Examples  
MS Access to SAS
Correlation and Covariance
CSV Sheet to SAS
Cumulative Frequency Tables
Descriptive Statistics By Subsets
Descriptive Statistics
Excel Range to SAS
Excel Sheet to SAS
Plotting Two Normal Distributions
Tab Separated Variable to SAS