I. Introduction

I should start by acknowledging that I started with the (now closed down…) UMass Statistical Computing Center’s SAS/WIN Workshop sas8.pdf from December 6, 1999 and used it as the basis for this document, but they are not the same document and the original


would be worth reading to fill in any gaps I have created in this version.

SAS Availability and Cost

Any student, staff or faculty at UMASS may purchase a license for SAS/WIN from OIT, Lederle Bldg. (A118) (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays). The cost of the license is an initial fee of $100 for student or $200 for faculty/staff (plus $35 for the CD) and then an annual fee[1] of $40.

Check out http://www.oit.umass.edu/hss/software/site.html for details.

SAS/WIN is available in all OIT/PCCO classrooms and labs on campus. You need an OIT account to use these labs. 


Check out the Web page on http://www-pcco.oit.umass.edu/ for details of the labs’ locations, hours and availability. 

( http://www-pcco.oit.umass.edu/areas/areahours.asp ).

SAS Documentation - Cut Down Version

Cut Down Version of SAS Documentation

[1] SAS Licenses from UMASS run from Jul 1st to June 30th.