Stat 141 Section 3

Class Schedule

Schedule: The approximate schedule follows: It is intended to give you an idea of where we are likely to be at any point in the semester. It may vary as we cover some topics more slowly or more quickly than expected.
Date Class # Event
Thursday Sept. 10th 1 Course Policies and Information 
Chapter 1; Introduction to Business Data Analysis
Section 2.4 Read last 2 paragraphs - 1st Minitab Handout
Tuesday Sept.15th 2 Types of Variables; Charts; Populations and Samples; Measures of Central Tendency. 2nd and 3rd Minitab handouts.
Thursday Sept.17th 3 Measures of Variability. 2nd Homework (due 24th September).
Tuesday Sept.22nd 4 Empirical Rule; Skewed distributions; Ranges; Percentiles; Box Plots.
Thursday Sept.24th 5 Quiz #1 Chapters 1 & 2 - Minitab. Examples.
Tuesday Sept.29th 6 Expected Value; Probability (definition and notation).
Sets and Law of Complements
Thursday Oct. 1st 7 Mutual Exclusion; Statistical Independence; Conditional Probabilities; Joint and Marginal
Tuesday Oct. 6th 8 Addition Rule; Multiplication Rule; Marginal Probabilities Case Study and Minitab Instructions for Cross Calculation.
Thursday Oct. 8th 9 Conditional Probabilities; Tree Diagrams; Bayes’ Rule.
Tuesday Oct. 13th 10 Quiz #2 Chapter 3 – Random Variables; Uniform Distribution. Mutually Exclusive Events; Statistical Independence and Expected Value.
Thursday Oct. 15th 11 Probability Distributions; Trials; Binomial Experiment; Impact of Order and Sequence.
Tuesday Oct. 20th 12 Quiz #3 Chapter 4 – Binomial Probability Distribution
Thursday Oct. 22nd 13 Binomial Probability Distribution (cont.).; the Normal Curve
Tuesday Oct. 27th 14 The Normal Distribution; the Standard Normal Curve; Z-scores
Tuesday Oct. 27th
6.30 to 8.30
Midterm Exam Probable coverage Chapters 1 through 5 and maybe some of Chapter 6
Thursday Oct. 29th 15 Examples and Problems using the Normal Distribution and the Standardized Normal Curve.
Tuesday Nov. 3rd 16 Random Sampling; Sample Statistics and Sampling Distributions; Large Samples and the Normal Distribution; the Central Limit Theorem.
Thursday Nov. 5th 17 The Central Limit Theorem; Sampling with and without replacement. The Finite Population Correction Factor.
Tuesday Nov. 10th 18 Quiz #4 The Normal Distribution and Worksheet on Entrepreneurs.
Thursday Nov. 12th 19 Statistical Inference; Point Estimators; Interval Estimation of a Mean known Standard Deviation; Confidence Interval.
Tuesday Nov. 17th 20 Sample Sizes; the Student’s t-distribution; ; Interval Estimation of a Mean unknown Standard Deviation
Thursday Nov. 19th 21 Confidence Intervals with the t-distribution.
More on the Central Limit Theorem
Tuesday Nov. 24th 22 Quiz #5 and Minitab Problem
Thursday Nov. 26th None Thanksgiving Recess
Tuesday Dec. 1st 23 Hypothesis Testing
Thursday Dec. 3rd 24 Hypothesis Testing
Tuesday Dec. 8th 25 Two Sample Procedures for Proportions
Thursday Dec. 10th 26 Last Class of Semester
Tuesday Dec. 15th None Reading Period
Thursday Dec. 17th None Exam Period Starts 
Wed. Dec. 23rd None Exam Period Ends
Thursday Dec. 24th None Exam Snowday
Monday January 4th None Final Grades due by midday