STAT 141
Quantitative Concepts for Management

Course Number
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11.15 - 12.30
SOM 109
SOM Majors Only

The Course
The first semester of a two semester sequence in applied business statistics for SOM majors only. 

Emphasis is on understanding and interpreting statistical information and using it to form sound judgments in business situations. 
We will achieve this through an understanding of data summarization, probability principles, random variables and probability distributions, random sampling and sampling distributions, and statistical inference.

The course website will be 141home.html

The Textbook
The textbook
Basic Statistical Ideas for Managers

David Hildebrand and R.Lyman Ott 
Duxbury Press - ISBN 0-534-25524-8 
Available in the Textbook Annex under Stat141 (Far right hand corner of the building, to the left of the Information desks).
List Price  US $75.95
You will need the textbook for both semesters of the course and it is recommended that you purchase it at the start of the semester.

The Software

Available on the computers in the SOM Computer Labs. 
For use at home the software is available from the University Store in the Campus Center 
Price $ 114.45 (including tax). 
or from Minitab at or by E-mail at

The Instructor
Andrew Hall

Office Hours:   To be announced. 
Office:             Room 200G, School of Management. 
Phone:             (413) 584 7367.  (I prefer E-mail.)
Phone:             (413) 545 5694.  (Only during office hours.)

There will be regularly assigned problems in about 10 or 12 homeworks during the semester. 
Since one objective of the course is clear communication, homework must be neat, legible, on letter size paper, and on time. 
Computer printout must be submitted as described in class. 
Late homework will not be accepted 

There will also be an end of semester project.

Exams and Quizzes
There will be two exams for the course which will involve material discussed in lectures and in the text. 
One will be a midterm exam given on Tuesday, October 27, 1998 (probably in the evening, to be advised!!) 
The other will be a cumulative final exam given during final exam week (December 17th to December 24th). 
The exams will be closed book and notes. 

There will be five quizzes throughout the semester. 

There will be NO make up exams and NO make-up quizzes in this course. 

Grading Policy
The grading for the course will be as follows: 
Homework and Project  100 points
Quizzes  100 points (5 quizzes, 20 points each)
Midterm exam 100 points
Final exam  100 points
Total 400 points

Grades will be assigned according to the following scale (percentages of 400 points): 
A 90 - 100%
AB 85 - 89%
B 80 - 84%
BC 75 - 79%
C 65 - 74%
CD 60 - 64%
D 50 - 59%
F 0  - 49%

Other Issues
  Workload: You are expected to work hard. The average student should expect to spend 8-9 hours per week on reading the text, Minitab problems, homework, project and preparing for quizzes and exams.

You will need a calculator for this course (not fancy). You should bring the calculator to lectures and exams.

Religious Holidays
Tell me, well in advance, if religious holidays mean that you cannot attend class on a particular day, so we can make arrangements for you to address the material covered.

Learning Disabilities
Tell me if you have a registered learning disability.

Add/Drop Policies
If you are wanting to take this section, but are not enrolled on the computer system; keep trying using the dial in system until Thursday September 17th. If you are not successful by that time then talk to me about being added to the section.

Any student who misses the first two classes will be dropped from this course. Attendance plays a vital part in a student's performance and final grade. 

Name Tents:
Unfortunately I have a lousy memory for names so I would like you all to make up Name tents and bring them with you to the first 6 classes to give me a chance to remember your name.