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What The Graduating Class of 2010 say about the Framingham MBA MORE

We asked the graduating class of 2010 to tell us "What impact has participation in the Framingham MBA Program had on your work/career? What impact do you foresee it having in the longer term?" and this is what they said:


It "has given me the skills to be a good leader for my staff, to communicate well with them and to help them develop their own careers. In the longer term, I foresee changing jobs and having an effect in the company or country I find myself in."

Jerry Danquah, MBA, currently working for Riverside Community Care.

Jerry Danquah MBA
Veishal Singhal

"Though my journey through the MBA program has culminated, my endeavor is to apply my managerial, leadership and creative skills, enhanced by my MBA education and work harder for the betterment of myself, my community and society at large"

Veishal Singhal, MBA, currently working for the Middlesex Savings Bank.

"The MBA has had a very positive effect on my career. I have become more focused on business development which is key to my working towards becoming a partner at our firm."

Robert Leonard, MBA, currently working for Rodman and Rodman P.C.

Robert Leonard


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