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What The Graduating Class of 2010 say about the Framingham MBA MORE

We asked the graduating class of 2010 to tell us "What impact has participation in the Framingham MBA Program had on your work/career? What impact do you foresee it having in the longer term?" and this is what they said:


Anthony Rotella

It is "allowing of more managerial and strategic recommendations for both our and our clients' businesses."

Anthony Rotella, MBA, runs an accounting business with his father.

"It has allowed me to look beyond my technical background in hard sciences and to look for opportunities to use one or both, the MBA and Biochemistry, when looking for a future career path."

Christopher Amato, MBA, currently working for Genzyme.

Christopher Amato
Grey Tomlinson

"I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. In the long term my career will benefit."

Grey Tomlinson, MBA, contracting with Staples, Inc.


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