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The Full Exit Survey of the Class of 2010 MORE about our Graduates

We asked the Class of 2010, who completed their degree requirements in the Summer of 2009, a number of questions in an exit survey. Seven of the eight graduates responded.

Here are the questions and their answers. Each student's answer is given in quotes, use the scroll bar to see all the answers given...

What have you most liked about the Framingham MBA Program?

  • Mix of class types (online, hybrid, and on campus)
  • Practical learning applications
  • Variety of course topics
  • Professor knowledge and expertise
  • Ability to complete the program in 2 years
  • Small class sizes & structure of program
  • Guest speakers ”

  • Price
  • Flexibility with scheduling. One course online one in class.
  • No rush to register because slot was assured every semester.”

  • Convenience
  • Price
  • Small class size”

  • The convenient location of the campus.
  • The access to people in the Greater Metrowest Business community such as the MBA Advisory Committee.
  • The ability to take classes on-line and in class in the same semester provided some much needed flexibility in class scheduling.
  • Some of the courses reflected changes in the industry in regards to current topics.”

“The candidates and the in-class sessions were worth while points of the curriculum.  Big projects were good.”

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Challenge
  • Faculty”

  • Small class sizes
  • Capstone courses
  • One semester, many group projects”

What have you most disliked about the Framingham MBA Program?


  • Some courses may be better suited for online or on-campus delivery
  • Completing the program in August and no having a graduation until the following May.
  • I preferred class times to begin at 6pm, instead of 6:30pm, so that we could get out earlier at night (may not be able to accommodate)”

  • Having to take quantitative courses online.
  • The Capstone course being run in the summer with other electives.
  • Not having speakers for all the courses to have them share their ideas.”

“The rigid structure regarding when classes were taken – I understand this was unavoidable, though.”

“Availability of some of the elective classes was less than I had hoped; often elective courses were not available and forced me to choose topics that I may not have wanted to focus on.”

“Work that wasn’t the main project of a course seemed like busy work or filler.   Online courses weren’t as effective as in-class.  Hybrids were practically online classes.
Professors did not provide feedback on the big projects which made e-portfolios more difficult to preemptively compile as you went through the program.”

  • Investments class
  • Sometimes lack of coherence or chain of information.
  • Lack of feedback on documents submitted electronically.”

  • Lack of guidance on some online courses.
  • Business and its Environment.”

Would you recommend the Framingham MBA Program to a good friend? 

What would you tell them about the Framingham MBA Program?


“The price of the program is its true value.  If my good friend is very price sensitive I would recommend whole-heartedly.  The lack of specialization in any of the core areas such as accounting; finance; leadership, etc. may deter some looking to specialize.  I would tell them that it is a good generalist MBA that can help them progress their career.”

  • Yes, I would recommend the program
  • I would note the convenience, low-cost, and practical knowledge”

“I would recommend to a friend because of the flexibility with scheduling and the price.”

“Yes – I would tell them the MBA experience is what you make of it, but that I made some great friends, learned a lot and had a good time with it.”

“I would and I have recommended the program.  Great price for a legitimate MBA: flexible and accommodating.”

“Yes.  I would say it is highly competitive, and you cannot beat the price, and convenience.”

“Yes.  Affordable, good teachers, easy to commute to, and challenging courses.”

If you were re-designing the curriculum which courses would you change, remove or add? Why? How would you make the changes?  What do you feel is missing from the curriculum?


  • Good variety of subject areas
  • I would keep operations management, investments, marketing, HR, and International business (managing in a global environment) in the program
  • Org. Behavior and capstone were great as hybrids
  • I like the idea of the final portfolio as well.  Maybe more guidance or reminders about it throughout the program would be helpful.”

  • I would remove Business and its environment and use aspects of it in another course such as Managing in a global environment.
  • I would make Managing in a global environment a core course as all business is international now and it is important for an MBA graduate to know about this course.
  • Project Management should also be offered, it would give students some needed contact hours that would count towards a certification.”

“I would remove Business and Its Environment with Prof. X.  Prof X. was a very nice individual, but much of the class was redundant based on what we had already learned in previous classes.”

“ I would change Business and its Environment: the course was poorly organized and could have been much better organized.

I would make international business more of a mandatory course: it was very insightful and almost an unavoidable subject in today’s world.

What is missing is a focus course in one of the core courses in economics, IT, accounting etc.  Strategic Capstone is a good “focus” style course.

I would make the Capstone course mandatory to be taken by itself*, this way students can do more case studies and learn even more.”

* The course should be the only course taken that semester.

  • Global business should be mandatory: the best class I’ve taken.
  • Bigger projects, more group work, no more busy work.
  • More numbers (Financial Ratios, Stats, econometrics and forecasts) incorporated into all classes.
  • Need to remind students that they can call a company for information and not simply rely on the Internet.”

“ Remove or change Investments.  Add more corporate finance/corporate/managerial accounting.”

  • Business and its Environment: each chapter was read to us in class.  Make it more interactive.
  • Investments: don’t make it an online class, if online the Professor needs to guide more.”.

If you were re-designing the Framingham MBA Program, administratively, what would you alter and how would you change it?


  • Maybe change one of the finance or investments classes to on-campus, or a hybrid instead.  Maybe Ops Mgmt should be on-campus as well (it was supposed to be, but our class was so small that the professor changed it).
  • Once the class sizes increase, maybe students could have a choice as to either an online or on-campus session (don’t want to jeopardize the convenience and flexibility)”

“To have the MBA students access blackboard from the MBA website and have email addresses that include (Framinghammba.edu)”

“Nothing – especially now that classes can be registered for online, and tuition receipts can be obtained online.  I am impressed with the administration of the program.”

“Create collaborations with local corporations for projects/internships in break times like summer/winter.  Or create a co-op program within the MBA curriculum.”

  • Offer more than one elective a semester.  Need to re-staff Prof. X., but keep Business and its Environment.
  • Combine Business and its Environment with Global Business.
  • Need more opportunity for real-world impact.  i.e. the Salvation Army project)
  • More guest speakers!!!”

“Keeping students more informed.”

“Make tracks more accessible, less rigid.”

What impact has participation in the Framingham MBA Program had on your work/career? What impact do you foresee it having in the longer term?


  • After completing the program, I am more confident and well-rounded
  • I have met many new people from the college (students &faculty) and have made several business network connections
  • Having the MBA will provide more opportunities and will allow me to apply for higher level positions within my company, and externally.”

“Has given the skills to be a good leader for my staff, to communicate well with them and to help them develop their own careers.  In the longer term, I foresee changing jobs and having an effect in the company or country I find myself in.”

“The MBA has had a very positive impact on my career – I have become more focused on business development, which is key to my working towards becoming a partner at our firm.”

“It has allowed me to look beyond my technical background in hard sciences and look for opportunities to use one or both, the MBA and biochemistry, when looking for a future career path.”

“I am getting more duties at work and have become a lead on a project that has had such a great success that it is being rolled out to the European operating units (a first for me)…

I hope for (and have loosely planned for) more project-based assignments.”

“Allowing of more managerial and strategic recommendations for both our and our clients’ businesses.”

“I have learned my strengths and weaknesses.  In the long term my career will benefit.”

If your marketing budget were $20,000, for the year, what would you do to market the Program?


  • I like the ideas of social networking and word of mouth.
  • Online ads and enhanced (user-friendly) website will be effective
  • Possible print ads as well (probably more expensive though)- Mass markets such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, or direct mail postcard messages (if you had addresses or target market chosen)”

  • Use social networking sites to target the metro area business.
  • Introducing the program to community leaders and organizations in the area.”

  • Blogs
  • “Free press” (press releases)
  • Relationships with large corporations in the area.”

“Advertise at the corporations in the Metrowest Area with posters & pamphlets.  The billboard in Framingham on Rte 9 was a nice touch, big traffic area. That should be used again.”

  • Every Web 2.0 medium.
  • Booths at companies of people on the board*
  • Event co-sponsoring / symposiums”

* The Framingham MBA Business Advisory Council

“Television, radio outside of Metrowest area.”

  • Billboards.
  • Embedded marketing online.
  • TV Commercials or Radio (NPR)”

What are the Framingham MBA Program's unique selling points?


  • Cost (lower than many others)
  • Convenience (location and online delivery)
  • Quality & Practical knowledge (MBA council is a plus)”

“Price and flexibility, being able to change from two classes to one class a semester.”

“Price. Convenience. Small class size.”

“Price, location, and relationship with local global corporations.”

“PRICE! For the same accreditations.  Small classes. Convenient location with online options.”

“Access to campus. Cost. Ability to fit into busy working life.”

“Affordable. Local. Smaller class size.”

Have we got the price point right? Should we charge more or less than $1,095 for a Core and Elective courses? How much should we charge to be competitive?


“Price is fantastic, you could charge $2,000* & still be competitive.  An MBA value is associated with price by many people.” * per course.

“Yes.  If you charge less, it won’t be taken seriously.”

  • I think cost is a key element, especially in today’s economy, so I would try to keep it low- under 1,000 per class. Maybe 775-975 range.
  • I was fortunate to have some tuition reimbursement, so price was not the main decision factor, although the lower cost still helped make it possible.”

“If the price could be maintained at least through the first five years, with support from the community, that will give the school enough time to gain grounds. It should not be more than $1095 though.”

“$1,000 is right on the money for being affordable, yet enough so students value the class.”

“I think it depends on attendance, if there are consistent quotas being met then maybe it is time to adjust up.  Until then, keep the price low to attract as many as possible.”

“Could charge slightly more, but do not want to lose the price point.”

If you were to give us a quote for the MBA Web Site, what would you say?


“The MBA program was very enjoyable, practical, and convenient. The experience was positive and beneficial to my career path.”

“The Framingham MBA, where small discussions determine the future of business”

“A local program with global solutions.”

“A competitive, value-priced program that fits seamlessly into a busy working lifestyle.”

“One of the best decisions I have made so far.”

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