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Core Courses - First Year

MGMT 911 - Organization Behavior and Theory - MGMT 911 - Fall Semester.


An examination of the relationships between individuals, groups and the organization as it relates to organization strategic performance. Participants focus on theoretical, empirical and practical applications of organization research. Topics include motivation, group dynamics, team management, organizational justice, decision-making, leadership, diversity and interpersonal relations.

Prerequisites:All MBA foundation courses or the equivalent.

ECON 923 - The Economics of Organizational Design - Fall Semester.


An examination of the optimal means of coordinating relationships between buyer and seller; between employer and employee; and between the firm and lenders of capital and providers of intermediate product.  The three principal forms of organization – the price system, relational contracts, and ownership – are examined and contrasted.  Study focuses on the theory of transaction cost economics and rudimentary game theory.  Topics include the principal-agent problem, the make or buy decision, adverse selection, corporate culture, and the tension between self-interest and cooperation.

Prerequisites: All MBA foundation courses or the equivalent.

QUAN 905 - Management Science - Spring Semester.


Designed to focus on the diagnosis of problems; the representation of problems in models; mathematical or algorithmic problem‑solving and decision‑making. It introduces linear programming, integer programming, network models, project management methods (PERT/CPM), decision theory and queuing theory.  It also introduces students to the use of computer programs to solve/optimize models and to the interpretation and uses of the output from the models.

Prerequisites: All MBA foundation courses or the equivalent.

MRKT 917 - Strategic Marketing - Spring Semester.


This course focuses on critically scanning and analyzing the external environment, defining strategic marketing decisions, developing and applying models to evaluate the alternatives and formulating recommended courses of action.

Prerequisite: All MBA foundation courses or the equivalent.

MGMT 935 - Operations Management - Summer Semester.


An analysis of production problems and solution techniques for services, manufacturing and distribution. Work-flow processes, production system design, production planning and control, technology of materials and equipment, and control of availability, quality, cost, and price of products and resources.

Prerequisites: QUAN 905 - Management Science.

MGMT 940 - Business and Its Environment - Summer Semester.


A discussion of the dynamic ethical, legal, management, economic and non-economic and regulatory environments in which firms compete domestically and internationally.  This course applies ethical models of decision making to business decisions and compare and contrast the impact of these decisions on relative stakeholders and firm competitiveness.

Prerequisites: MRKT 917 - Strategic Marketing and ECON 923 - Economics of Organizational Design.

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