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Core and Elective Courses - Second Year.

FINA 929 - Financial Management - Fall Semester.


An introduction to the two fundamental financial concepts - the investment decision and the financing decision, and their possible interactions.  This includes the type of assets a firm acquires, the reason(s) for acquisition, and the sources and costs of financing these assets.  Assets, liabilities and capital, both short and long-term, are described using accounting terminology and evaluated using mathematical analysis.

Prerequisites: All MBA foundation courses or the equivalent.

MGMT 951 - Human Resource Management - Fall Semester.


An examination of the major functions and strategies of human resources managers in achieving the objectives of the organization. Topics include human resource planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and employee benefits, and government regulations.

Prerequisites for MBA students: MGMT 911 - Organization Behavior and Theory and MGMT 940 - Business and Its Environment.

BUIS 933 - Enterprise Information Technology - Spring Semester.


An examination of the management and use of information technology (IT) in a business organization. The course explores topics including evaluating technology solutions, understanding business networks, data and network security, the strategic and tactical role of IT in business, managing IT infrastructure and operations, IT planning and architecture, data and information management, and intelligent systems.

Prerequisites: MGMT 911 - Organization Behavior and Theory.

First Elective - Spring Semester.


Supply Chain Management, Labor Management Relations OR Investments.

MGMT 989 - Professional Project and Capstone in Strategic Management - Summer Semester.


Designed to advance the integrated application of management competencies acquired throughout the MBA program.  Students complete an individual, student-driven project on issues in a selected industry.  In addition, using comprehensive case studies and working in small teams, students explore relationships between the context, content, and process of managing organizations, as well as other complexities of strategic management.

Prerequisites: Completion of all other core MBA courses and permission of the Associate Dean.  May be taken concurrently with elective courses.

Second Elective - Summer Semester.


Managing in a Global Environment, Project Management OR Topics in Business.

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