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Elective Courses - Second Year

You may also use the Graduate Transfer provision to take other relevant courses.

MGMT 965 - Supply Chain Management - Spring Semester.


A study of integrated supply chain management, which is a core firm competency and encompasses all functions within an organization. Advances in technology have been a catalyst in remarkable efficiency gains in supply chain operation. Topics include risk pooling, the bull-whip effect, new technologies such as RFID, global markets, global manufacturing, out-sourced functions, synchronization of supply and demand, aggregation and consolidation. 4 credits.

Prerequisite: MGMT 935 - Operations Management.

MGMT 950 - Labor Management Relations - Spring Semester.


An examination of employment agreements and employee rights in the workplace. The course examines topics related to the legal framework surrounding the collective bargaining process, including union structure and organizational campaigns, and negotiations and enforcement of agreements.  Additional topics can include employment discrimination, and other workplace issues.

Prerequisite: MGMT 911 Organization Behavior and Theory.

FINA 945 - Investments - Spring Semester.


Designed to give students an overview of financial instruments and the capital markets in which they trade.  The four core areas are portfolio theory and its application, fixed income securities, equity securities, and derivative securities.  The evaluation of financial instruments are accomplished using technical and fundamental analysis, but with the primary emphasis on the risk-reward tradeoffs of modern portfolio and capital market theory.

Prerequisite: FINA 929 - Financial Management.

BUIS 960 - Project Management - Summer Semester.


An introduction to common procedures and methodologies used to plan, track and control selection, acquisition, implementation and maintenance of information systems in a business organization. Topics include Request for Proposals, System Development Life Cycle, cost/benefit analysis, sourcing options and service level agreements.  Testing approaches and quality control methods are also discussed.  Students are introduced to commonly used project management software tools and team collaboration products.

Prerequisites: MGMT 935 - Operations Management and BUIS 933 - Enterprise Information Technology.

MGMT 930 - Managing in a Global Environment - Summer Semester.


An introduction to the contemporary world of international business through an examination of the social, cultural, economic, ecological, commercial and financial aspects that impact global operations.  Emphasis is both on the thorough understanding of the effect that international business has on the different functional aspects of the enterprise as well as the manner in which firms organize, operate, and formulate strategies in order to maximize their chances of successful operations.  The goal of the course is to acquaint the student with conceptual and analytical tools necessary for the formulation of knowledge concerning international business practices, strategy, and positioning.

Prerequisite: MGMT 940 - Business and Its Environment.

MGMT 975 - Topics in Business - Summer Semester.


Selected topics in business offered on occasion at the discretion of the department.

Prerequisites: vary depending on the nature of the course, or permission of the instructor.

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