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Foundation Courses

Required of students who do not have grades of B or better in similar undergraduate courses.

MGMT 638 - Leadership, Teamwork and the Organization - Fall Semester.


An introduction to team management and leadership approaches that assist students in acquiring the managerial skills that will allow them to understand and deal with such areas as organizational change, motivation, diversity, and team development. This course seeks to bridge theory and practice by assisting in developing the skills necessary for leading, team building, and management.

Prerequisites: None.

BADM 280 - Applied Organizational Theory and Management - may be substituted when necessary.

QUAN 676 - Statistical Analysis for Managers - Fall Semester.


Provides an introduction to techniques of statistical inference useful for a career in business.  Topics covered include techniques of data collection, the presentation of data, basic theory of probability and probability distributions, sample distributions and confidence interval estimation.  Also included are the fundamentals of hypothesis testing and statistical inference, including multiple regression analysis.  Business applications are used throughout to illustrate the statistical techniques.

Prerequisites: None.

ACCT 621 - Financial Accounting - Spring Semester.


A conceptual introduction to financial accounting, covering the complete accounting cycle and resulting financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement and statement of cash-flows). Topics include asset valuation and reporting, debt and evaluation financing, inter-corporate investments, and earnings management.

Prerequisites: None.

ACCT 120 - Introduction to Financial Accounting - may be substituted when necessary.

ECON 610 - Economic Analysis - Spring Semester.


An intensive coverage of macroeconomic and microeconomic principles, this course considers the following topics:  scarcity and choice, supply and demand, national income accounting, unemployment theory, fiscal policy, monetary policy, stabilization problems, elasticity of supply and demand, cost theory, price and output decisions by the firm under perfectly and imperfectly competitive conditions, and factor pricing.

Prerequisites: None.

MRKT 643 - Foundations of Marketing - Summer Semester.


An examination of the evolution of marketing thought and the role of marketing in strategic decisions.  An overview of the functions of marketing is explored and marketing tools are applied to creating value, managing customer relationships and developing growth strategies.

Prerequisite: ECON 610 - Economic Analysis or equivalent.

MRKT 271 - Marketing Principles - may be substituted when necessary.

ACCT 632 - Managerial Accounting - Summer Semester.


The study of accounting pertinent to managers making internal decisions. Topics include cost behavior and cost variance analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, profit planning, project cost forecasting, transfer pricing, evaluation of segment profitability, and activity-based costing.

Prerequisite: ACCT 621 - Financial Accounting or equivalent.

ACCT 121 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting - may be substituted when necessary.

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