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Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Framingham MBA you need:

A full four year undergraduate degree.


Your degree must be from an accredited University or College, in the USA, or elsewhere.

Your degree can be in any discipline or in any major.

Other countries' systems have three year undergraduate degrees which are accepted if they are considered to be comparable to a US four year undergraduate degree.

If your degree is a two year associate's degree you are ineligible.

A good GPA or QPA.


An improving GPA is good.

An overall GPA between 3.5 and 4.00 is excellent.

An overall GPA less than 2.5 is a negative.

A 3.0 from a good school is better than a 3.0 from an average school.

There is no single number.

Schedule an advising meeting and bring your official or unofficial transcripts with you, if you want an opinion about your GPA.

The expectation of good GMAT® scores.


What is a "good GMAT® score"?

A good GMAT® score is one which is well balanced among the three sections of the GMAT®, placing the student above the 45th percentile, on average.

Prepare for the GMAT®, do your best and your score will be one variable, among many, considered when deciding whether to offer you a place in the program.

Scores below 400 overall are not looked upon favorably

Access to the Internet.


You will want a good connection for courses taught online or in blended or hybrid formats.

A Computer and software that support Microsoft Office Suite formats.


You will be required to submit papers, assignments and other material in formats that the faculty can read and review.

Familiarity with and access to word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software is essential

Citizenship, Residency or Visa-Status.


You must be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident or be on a Visa which allows you to pursue part-time education in the USA for at least two years.

Unfortunately F, J and M Visas are not supported because the program is a part-time program.

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