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MBA Occupations

The following are from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) publication "Career Moves"

Accountants and Auditors.


Accountants and Auditors provide firms and individuals with financial information key to making sound business decisions. Analyze and review revenues, expenses, taxes and other liabilities and prepare financial reports. May also evaluate company operations to improve their effectiveness and comply with government regulations and corporate policies. May specialize in taxes, budgeting or cost accounting, or design accounting systems to monitor and control waste and fraud.

Most firms require at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. Some employers prefer a master’s degree in accounting or business administration with a concentration in accounting and internal auditing. Familiarity with computers and related accounting software is also preferred.

Financial Managers


Financial Managers direct, develop, and oversee the preparation of economic and financial data to assess firms’ present and future financial status. May forecast revenues, analyze risks, study future investments, and plan mergers and acquisitions. Though their duties vary widely, financial managers are chiefly concerned with planning and implementing policies and procedures.

Prior experience as an accountant, auditor, or budget or management analyst is most often the primary qualification for a job in this occupation. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has also become increasingly important. Ability to work independently, and communicate well both orally and in writing are also highly desirable skills, valued by employers.

Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists


Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists implement established personnel programs. Administer employee benefits, conduct training programs, and interview and hire people. May specialize in recruiting, interviewing, analyzing benefits or negotiating labor agreements.

Firms generally seek college graduates with courses in management and organizational science. Job applicants must be able to speak and write effectively and work well both with others and independently. Ability to function under pressure is essential in some jobs.

Management Analysts and Consultants


Management Analysts provide advice on how firms should reorganize their business to improve productivity. They collect, analyze and review work procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, design new systems and procedures and recommend solutions. Often help top level management implement the changes.

A master’s degree in business administration or a discipline closely related to the firm’s area of specialization is preferred by most management-consulting firms. Bachelor degree holders may work as research assistants or junior management analysts. Job applicants should be self-motivated and communicate well both orally and in writing.

Senior and Mid-level Managers


Senior and Mid-level Managers run companies, major divisions or groups of operations. They formulate policies, set goals, and oversee subordinate executives.

Experience is the primary qualification most companies look for. Graduate and professional degrees are also preferred. Leadership skills, the ability to deal effectively with a wide range of people and to assess large amounts of data and information are also sought. The ability to consider and evaluate the interrelationships among numerous factors and to select the best course of action is also highly valued.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations


Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Managers formulate marketing policies, direct sales activities, and plan, organize and direct advertising and public relations activities for departments, an entire organization, or individual clients.

Employers look for highly experienced workers who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or administration and the ability to motivate and communicate persuasively both orally and in writing. Flexibility and decisiveness are both preferred, as is the ability to handle stress.

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