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Essay Submission


Handwritten essays are not accepted. Each essay should be typed, single spaced, and limited to the stated length. Submission of Word or Acrobat files, by e-mail, is encouraged.


Attach a Word or Adobe Acrobat document to an e-mail addressed to:


Please rename the file "MBA_MyName_Essays". Please ensure that the e-mail subject contains your name and "MBA Essays".

If you have Adobe Reader Version 7.09 or better, you can use the fillable form:

The Framingham MBA Essays Submission Form.

Otherwise attach the essays to an e-mail.

Before You Send The Essays

  • Remember to spell check your essays.
  • Have someone else read them and comment on them.
  • We want to know who you are and whether you are ready for and will benefit from being in an MBA program.
  • Grammatically poor, unstructured and hard to understand essays will kill your chances of admission into the program.
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