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We require that you take the GMAT®.

Why we want you to take the GMAT®.


When to take the GMAT®

It takes 20 days to process your GMAT®.

Schedule your test at least 20 days before your application deadline.

November 10th for December 1st or April 10th for May 1st or July 10th for August 1st.


When taking the GMAT® tell them you want the score to come to us.

You should quote our Program Code "299-VX-21" or our Institutional Code "3519" when taking the GMAT® to ensure that the official results are sent directly to us.


Prior GMAT® Scores

If you took the GMAT® before considering the Framingham MBA, you need to request that your prior official results be sent to us: Follow this link for details.

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