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The "Online" Application

1. Watch the Short Video on how to fill in the online application

Online Application Video

2. Start your application online

The online application system (A $50 Application fee which is non-refundable is paid online when you submit the fully completed application.)

3. E-mail your Resume and your Essays to:


4. Fill in the Recommendation Forms

Recommendation Form pdf

Send the forms to the persons who are writing letters of recommendation on your behalf.

5. Arrange for your transcripts to be sent to us

6. Send your Professional Resume to


7. Set up your GMAT and make sure that the results are sent to us

Our Program Code is "299-VX-21" and our Institutional Code "3519"

8. Send us requests for Waivers of Foundation Courses or for Graduate Transfer credit

9. Check the Status of Your Application Online using

The online application system

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