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The Framingham MBA is the One You've Been Waiting For

Why mortgage your future on an overpriced and out-of-touch MBA?

  • The Framingham MBA is Affordable, outstanding value for the money - read what the Class of 2010 have to say about the program
  • The Program is Driven by the needs of local and global companies in Massachusetts
  • It is Designed to be convenient for busy, working adults like you
  • Part-time, with a blend of class meetings and online instruction
  • No more than one evening a week on campus
  • One or two courses a semester
  • Small Classes typically less than twenty five on campus and twenty online
  • Created to develop lasting business and personal relationships with your class mates from Greater Boston
  • Focused on the knowledge, capacities and skills you need to succeed
  • Utilizing effective workplace technology in instruction, learning and assignments
  • Located in a Convenient MetroWest location: close to work and/or home

At Framingham State College, we understand the challenges you face, balancing your life, your career and your education.

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