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Why the GMAT®?

Research suggests that the two best predictors of success in an MBA program are your undergraduate GPA and your GMAT® scores.

Use practice tests as a way to find out how well you are likely to do in the GMAT®. An overall score greater than 400 is an indication that an MBA may be right for you.

How is the GMAT® score used in the application process?

We will use your GMAT® scores together with all of the items required as part of your application in order to decide whether or not to accept you into the Framingham MBA.

The GMAT® is not the only criterion we use.

Good GMAT® scores will lift an otherwise ordinary application closer to or into an acceptance.

Poorer GMAT® scores may be balanced by an otherwise excellent application.

Things you can do to help yourself with the GMAT

  • Remember the GMAT® is a test like any other.
  • You can improve your score by studying for the test.
  • Download and use GMATPrep™.
  • Work problems in the tests in GMATPrep™ and in study guides.
  • Take a GMAT® preparatory course.
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