SCH-MGMT 640: Financial Analysis and Decisions


I hope you enjoy the course!

Tools and Orientation

This section is all about making sure you have the proper tools and some orientation to the online course environment.

It will probably seem a bit overwhelming at first- but you will quickly get used to the setup.

The Table of Contents

To the left is a Table of Contents (TOC) for this module. Much of the course content will be organized in this fashion. Please make sure you access each item from the TOC so that you do not miss any of the course information. If your see a "+" next to an item in the table of contents, it means that the item needs to be expanded (the menus are collapsible). Click on the item to see the full menu. The TOC can be made narrower or wider like a window.  (If one disappears, it probably just got minimized in error and you should be able to drag it back open.)

You can view/print all or part of the information at once by choosing the printer icon at the top of the page.

Tools and Texts

Get your Textbooks

See Textbooks in the TOC. Textbook information (along with an "emergency use" chapter) and information on the other software tools you will need are all located there.

Blackboard Tutorial and Settings

  1. If this is your first Blackboard course you should complete the student tutorials at the Blackboard course portal (the page you see after login). In particular, note the directions for course navigation in Blackboard.
    Do NOT use your browser back button.
  2. Also- please use the Check Browser tool located in the top right hand corner of the portal page (the page right after login, titled UMassOnline Amherst). Pop-up blockers and Java problems may create problems later in the course if you are not setup correctly.  If any problems are noted, please call the 24/7 help desk.  They are excellent at helping with setup issues.
  3. Even if you have had other Blackboard courses you should check out the tutorials if this course uses a tool you have not seen before or just to pick up some new tips.
  4. I require that you set a couple of user preferences on the My Tool Options page.  You set these by making the following choices from the course portal page (Choose My UMassOnline Amherst to return to the portal page from within a course):  Choose My Settings from the menu in the top right corner, then choose My Tool Options.  Once there- do the following:

Explanation for "My Tool Options " requirements

Blackboard mail is "internal". Unless you set mail forwarding you will not know if you have new mail unless you login to Blackboard and access the course. To reduce the possibility that you will not see mail messages in a timely manner, I require that you set mail forwarding in Blackboard as described above. This means that a notification will be sent to your external email address that is on record in Blackboard. For most of you, that is your UMass email address. Course mail notifications will say "DO NOT REPLY" in the header and have the text of the message. You need to login to the course to actually reply to messages, the notification is just a "copy" that alerts you to check Blackboard mail.

If you do not care to access the UMass email account, please go to UMail, UMail Post Office and set "Forward Email" there so that ALL email sent to your UMass account get forwarded to the account of your preference. This step is independent of the choice in Blackboard and is NOT required.

Paging. Blackboard defaults to showing 10 "items" per page.  Many course discussion topics will have more than 10 posts.  Unless students change the paging default (see above), they often miss the posts that go to page 2 and beyond.  This causes repetitions, confusion, and missed points.  Therefore I require that everyone set Paging to 999.