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Corporate Finance
FOMGT 301 Spring 2004
Formulae, Calculators, PDAs and Software

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Formulas As time allows I will add pages for each of the following chapters giving the formulae and instructions as to using them.

Accounting (Chapter 1)
Time Value of Money (Chapter 3)
Valuation of Securities (Chapter 4)
Capital Budgeting (Chapter 5)
Project Cashflows (Chapter 6)
Advanced Capital Budgeting (Chapter 7)

Risk and Diversification (Chapter 8)
Capital Asset Pricing Model (Chapter 9)
Options  (Chapter 10)

PDF Image Course Formulae

If your Algebra is a little shakey and you would like a refresher.  There is a Unit in OWL which will lead you through the interpretation of the algebraic symbols and notation in Financial formulae used in this course. Click on the OWL logo =>
OWL Image

Financial Calculators
You should get a Financial Calculator or one with exponent and natural log keys.
When I looked the UMass store had the HP and Sharp models listed below.  You will be able to use calculators in exams and you will have the Course Fomulae sheet in exams too.

Around $31
TI BAII Plus TI Site BAII Manual
BAII+Tutorial from Clemson
Around $73 HP 12C
HP Site
HP Instructions

PDF Image HP How to Book

Around $36 Sharp EL733A
Sharp Site
PDF Image EL733A Manual

Other Calculators
If you took Calculus at UMass, you may have this calculator or one like it already.  If your calculator has exponent and natural log keys, it should be OK... the tutorial at Clemson may help in using such calculators in Finance

TI83 and 83 Plus

TI83 Tutorial from Clemson

TI83 and 83 Plus

TI83 Tutorial from Florida State University  thanks to Angela Ho

PDAs PDAs will not be allowed in exams, but if you already have one and want to use it as a financial calculator, there is software out there.

Palm OS

Microsoft Office
Florida Gulf Coast University has this support page for Office 2000


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