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Corporate Finance
FOMGT 301 Spring 2004
Online Web Learning (OWL)

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OWL stands for Online Web Learning.
It is a tool we will be using in 5 different ways as part of this course.
  • Graded Homework will be done on-line.
  • Some Tutorial help will be available on-line.
  • Practice Exams will be available on-line.
  • Messaging on-line.
  • Grades will be available on-line.

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Getting Started On OWL
You should get up and running with OWL as early in the semester as possible.

To this end there is a guide to "Getting Started On OWL" .
On the left is a link to an Adobe (pdf) and on the right is a link to a Course Web Page. Both contain the same information to Get You Started on OWL
Getting Started On OWL Web Page

Graded Homework
There will be thirteen sets of questions or "Quizzes" which will test your knowledge of the course material. 
  • OWL will allow you as many attempts at answering these questions as you want to make so you can score 100 percent on Homework
  • Homework is worth 1/6th of your total score so it is vital to do the homework in order to do well in this class.
Quizzes List

Tutorial Help
As my time allows an as the need becomes apparent I will construct "Tutorial" materials on OWL to lead you through stuff that is giving the class trouble.

Currently there are a couple of Tutorials in OWL
  1. The OWL Tutorial (see Getting Started On OWL)
  2. Some Math Used In Finance
Your not required to do the Tutorials other than the OWL Tutorial

Practice Exams
Since Exams will be multiple choice, OWL lends itself to your doing "Practice Exams" on-line.  (pdf versions will also be posted on the Exams Page of the Course Web Site.)

Messaging On-Line
There will be two types of messaging using OWL.

You can use OWL to send messages to me and I send messages to you.
(see Getting Started On OWL)

I can put Surveys onto the system to get information from you.  Currently there are survey questions set up to answer the questions:

What calculator do you have?
What is your PRS handset number?
Which office hours would work for you?

OWL allows you to look up your grades.

OWL records how well you do on the Quizzes. 
It has a points system. These points are not the same as my points.

OWL also allows me to enter my own grades for you into the system for you to see and I will be entering Homework, PRS Responses and Exam Grades into this part of the system for you to see how well you are doing.


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