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Corporate Finance
FOMGT 301 Spring 2004
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FOMGT Finance Links Page

Lecture 12
Bond Rates

Yahoo Bond Yields Page
Federal Reserve Interest Rates Publication

U.S. Treasury Page on STRIPS

Information is a key ingredient to a successful career in Finance

The Wall Street Journal
The Economist

The Financial Times 
The British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

Yahoo Finance

The Economist
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Pensions article - covers Annuities, Savings and Tax Incentives.

Interest Rates article - covers impact of Government raising or lowering interest rates on inflation and on exchange rates.

Exchange Rates article - covers reasons why European Governments might be unhappy about rise of  Euro against the Dollar and why US Officials might be happy with it.

Taxation as a Transaction Cost article - describes the issues (taxation amongst others) for Vodaphone in switching from an investment in Verizon Wireless to AT&T Wireless.

Economic Information is a key ingredient in Fundamental Analysis

Bureau of  Economic Analysis Federal Reserve System

Bureau of Labor Statistics

US Department of the Treasury
Public Debt / Budget Deficit

The Treasury Bulletin

Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange is an Important Financial Market

Smith Barney on Foreign Exchange Trading
Currency Focus

Goldberg on Currency Trading

Some fun stuff tangentially related to the course

The Time Machine - Official Site
Relevant because moving money around in time is a key activity in Finance
This site gives a picture of the time machine from the latest version of the movie of that name and allows you to "pull" the lever and travel backwards and forwards in time.


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