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Corporate Finance
FOMGT 301 Spring 2004
Textbook and Course Notes

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The required textbook for the course is
"Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 4th Edition"
written by Donald R. Chambers and Nelson J Lacey, and
published by Hayden McNeil.

The UMass Textbook Annexe had new and used copies on January 1st. had a limited number of new and used copies on 1st January.

Don't forget to pick up your PRS handset, when you visit the textbook annexe.

Course Notes
A new set of bound course notes will be available.

They will contain:

The syllabus and course policies.

In class problems for each topic (an integral part of nearly every class).
Information on Getting Started on the Online Web Learning (OWL) system.

They are available from Campus, Copy and Design - 80 pages for $6.25 bound.  

They will also be posted as (pdf) on this page, soon.
BUT I urge you to get the bound version as it will be much easier to keep under control and use in class.
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Syllabus and Course Policies
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In class problems
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Getting Started On OWL
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3rd Edition
There is a 3rd edition of the textbook.

I don't know how different this is from the 4th Edition, so I recommend that you do not use it unless you already bought a copy or inherited it from a friend.


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